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“To all who come to this happy place, welcome!”

Welcome to The Sounds of the Disneyland Resort! This site was created to share my love of the music that can be heard at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. This site can be used on a computer, tablet or mobile device.

The albums and tracks listed are a compilation of works officially released by Disney and private recordings and includes current sounds and some no longer heard today (Condor Flats, Main Street 1992, etc). This was put together with a lot of love, time and effort. The tracks provided are not a complete or comprehensive listing of all Disneyland Resort music; there are still many tracks to sort through and edit. Therefore, this site will continuously be updated and enhanced.

How to navigate the site

Click on one of the park pictures

Disneyland Resort is a combination of the Disneyland and California Adventure parks.

Select an album from the Park listing.

This will open up a track listing for that album.

Clicking on a single track will add it to end of the current playlist.

Clicking the icon will clear the current playlist and start playing that album.

Clicking the icon will add the entire album to the current playlist.

Clicking the icon will bring up a link that opens the selected track on loading the screen. Useful for saving a bookmark of your favorite track, or sharing that track with someone.

Under the current playlist click the hamburger menu to see the Parks again.

Control Panel

The control panel contains the current playing title and artist, along with various other controls including...

Volume Control (available on the desktop version only)

Previous, Play/Pause, Next

Repeat All, Shuffle, Hide/Show Now Playing

There is also a drop down menu which can be accessed by clicking the icon.

It will show 4 icons.


Pre-created playlists to organize music by a few types for easy access.

- All the soundscapes.
Area loops
- All the area loops found in DLR.
Queue loops
- All the loops you hear while standing in line for rides.
Ride soundtracks
- All the ride tracks.
- All full shows in DLR
- All tracks associated with the Disneyland Park.
Disney’s California Adventure
- All tracks associated with Disney’s California Adventure.
Complete Disneyland Resort
- All tracks found on this site.


Precreated playlists, one for each land in the Disneyland Resort.


Opens the help menu.


Clears the entire “Now Playing” list, whether or not you are listening to a collection.


Disney’s California Adventure
Disneyland Resort (Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure and the Disneyland Hotel)
A recreation of the ambient audio of a particular area in the parks, meant to simulate the auditory experience of a given location. These include ambient noises and audio loops that one might hear at these locations. Example: Main Gate – Entrance Tunnel. Contains sounds from the Disneyland Railroad, Main Street Area Loop and the Main Street Vehicles.
Queue Loop:
Music/sounds you hear while standing in line for a ride.
Area Loop:
Music/sounds you hear in the different lands of the parks. Not tied specifically to a ride or attraction.
Ride (or Ride Through):
A recording of the music and sound effects heard on a ride.
Ride Score:
A recording of the music only heard on a ride.

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